About Us

Storehouse Financial, LLC

is a privately held investment firm with offices in Fort Worth and Granbury, Texas. Since 2006, Storehouse has been a steward of our clients’ retirement goals and dreams. Our four step process of financial planning, risk analysis,investment management, and progress reporting allows our clients to achieve their retirement goals regardless of market conditions. Storehouse Financial follows a disciplined investment approach that is responsive to both the risks and opportunities available in the investment markets.

We Are Different

Fee Only – NO Commissions

We do not receive any commissions. None.

We only charge a small monthly fee that includes all our services. Fee-only means our interests are aligned with your interests. Since we are fee-only, we can choose the best, low-cost investments for you.

Some of the fees and compensation other financial advisors and brokers receive are called sales load fees, contingent deferred sales charges, 12b-1 fees, revenue sharing fees, transaction fees, commissions, mark-ups, mark-downs, service fees, trail commissions, renewal commissions, new account bonuses, milestone bonuses, travel awards, etc.

We don’t receive any of those fees. We only charge a small monthly fee that includes all our services. Because we do not receive any commissions, we can choose from hundreds of investments. This freedom to choose allows Storehouse to find the very best investments for your portfolio in the current market climate. We are not limited to any one family of funds or any specific investment product, but can choose those investments that are in the best interest of our clients based on age, personal financial status and risk tolerance.


Storehouse Financial offers a number of tax-deferred and tax-free savings options.

How to Invest

Discuss your financial goals with a Storehouse adviser.

Open the appropriate investment accounts.

Storehouse will maintain your account(s) regularly and make changes for you to improve returns and protect your assets.


Storehouse Financial’s commitment to stewardship extends beyond our core business. Storehouse Financial has gratefully committed to give 10% of net profits to charitable organizations. If you are a client and would like us to consider donating to an organization you support, please contact us at 877-305-3233.

Charitable organizations that Storehouse Financial has supported include:

Buckner International

Catholic Charities

College Golf Fellowship

Compassion International

Cornerstone Christian Academy

Dallas | Fort Worth Labrador Retriever Rescue Club, Inc.

Focus on the Family

Frontiers USA

Kids Across America

Mid Cities Pregnancy Center

Soul Care at Christ Chapel Bible Church

Texas Christian University