Multiple Investment Options

When you sit down with a Storehouse representative to discuss your investment portfolio, we will help you find the right investments for you. Storehouse offers all types of investments from conservative to aggressive. Storehouse offers conservative investments such as stock market linked certificates of deposit, bonds, growth and income mutual funds, and dividend focused exchange traded funds. Storehouse also offers aggressive investment options including growth stocks, exchange traded funds, and long/short equity strategies. Multiple investment options allow Storehouse representatives to tailor your investment portfolio to meet your personal financial needs.

Independent financial advice and management

Storehouse Financial is not limited to any type of investment or fund family. Because we do not accept commissions, we can choose from hundreds of investment options and fund families. This freedom to choose allows Storehouse to find the very best investments for your portfolio in the current market climate.

Low cost investment options with no hidden fees

We choose low cost investments for our client portfolios and all of the Storehouse services are included in our small monthly fee. There are no hidden fees or “kick-backs” from mutual fund companies or brokerages. In fact, if we do receive revenue from a mutual fund, it goes into your account, not ours.

Types of Accounts and Investment Options

Storehouse offers a wide array of investment accounts and investment options. Storehouse is not limited to any specific investment product, but can choose those investments that are in the best interest of our clients based on age, personal financial status and risk tolerance. When you sit down with a Storehouse representative to discuss your investment portfolio, we will help you find the right type of investment account and the right mix of investments for you. Multiple investment options allow Storehouse to tailor your investment portfolio to meet your personal financial needs. Contact a Storehouse representative today.

Morningstar Research Types of Accounts

Rollover IRAs  •  Traditional IRAs  •  Roth IRAs  •  IRA for Minors  •  Beneficiary IRA

SEP IRAs  •  Simple IRAs  •  Individual Accounts  •  Joint Accounts  •  401(k)s  •  Profit Sharing Plans

Defined Benefit Plans Other company Retirement Plans Investments

Mutual Funds • Exchange Traded Funds • Stocks • Bonds • Tax-Free Bonds Money Market

Asset Management

Assets are invested primarily in no-load mutual funds and exchange-traded funds. Fund companies charge each fund shareholder an investment management fee that is disclosed in the fund prospectus. Brokerages may charge a transaction fee for the purchase of some funds.
Stocks and bonds may be purchased or sold through a brokerage account when appropriate. The brokerage firm charges a fee for stock and bond trades. STOREHOUSE FINANCIAL LLC does not receive any compensation, in any form, from fund companies.
Investments may also include: equities (stocks), warrants, corporate debt securities, commercial paper, certificates of deposit, municipal securities, investment company securities (variable life insurance, variable annuities, and mutual funds shares), U. S. government securities, options contracts, futures contracts, and interests in partnerships.
Initial public offerings (IPOs) are not available through STOREHOUSE FINANCIAL LLC.

Morningstar Research

Investors know and trust Morningstar because of their independence, the quality of their data and analysis, and their obsession with excellence. Morningstar takes a fundamental, bottom-up approach to investment research. Their analysts apply a consistent methodology as they complete their quantitative and qualitative research, which is available in reports on stocks, credit, muni bonds, funds, and 529 college savings plans. Morningstar fosters a culture in which analysts frequently challenge each other’s assumptions and speak freely and candidly about the investments they cover. Their analysts are intensely independent thinkers. They don’t pull any punches and are quoted daily in the news media for their objectivity and insightful commentary.