Quality Service

Trouble getting in touch with your financial adviser?

In addition to excellent financial planning, financial advice and investment management, Storehouse Financial provides exceptional customer service to our clients. It is our goal to meet all your financial needs in a timely manner.

Clear, transparent and concise account statements

Our statements are easy to read and understand. They include your rate of return over different time periods, how your account is invested and the total amount charged in fees.

Online Account Access

Access the information on your account from your mobile device.

Monthly Account Evaluation and Management

Storehouse Financial will manage your investments for you using separately managed accounts. Separately managed accounts are discretionary investment accounts that provide you with a personalized approach to investing including direct ownership of securities and opportunities for portfolio customization. At Storehouse, we evaluate every client account every month and make changes as necessary to improve performance and preserve capital.

Take Action

Storehouse Financial will take action to improve performance and protect your assets. Our regular evaluation provides the opportunity to make changes in your portfolio to enhance returns and hedge against losses. As market and economic conditions change, Storehouse Financial will immediately choose the best course of action to protect your assets. Contact Storehouse today to get started.


Storehouse Financial offers a number of tax-deferred and tax-free savings options.

How to Invest

Discuss your financial goals with a Storehouse adviser.

Open the appropriate investment accounts.

Storehouse will maintain your account(s) regularly and make changes for you to improve returns and protect your assets.